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Spirit Guides of your South West Mountain Trip | Easty Beasty

Spirit Guides of your South West Mountain Trip by Easty Beasty 

DISCLAIMER: Artworks will be sent Monday 17th July. 

Good morning trippers. It's time to plug in!

On your journey of the South West Mountain trip, you’ll meet the twenty-five guides tasked with showing you the way.

Some of these characters you’ll recognise. Mameluke, Flamin’ Roger and the mermaids are all here, hanging in this universe with new friends like Low Key Bethany & Unicorn Will, Four-armed Evelyn and Technicolour Bob. They’re all benign, mostly.
Except for West Island Liz. Fuck West Island Liz.

Let’s get wobbly and flow with the radio waves, the strange frequencies and the alien sounds. Let’s see a great spear slice open the sky and thousands of snakes fall out to the earth. Let’s see nature in hyper saturated colour, and marvel at the mercury lake and smooth bark of the gum tree. Time to realise separation is an illusion. Trust the trip. You’re safe here.

Easty Beasty

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Sandy Gallop

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Sparky Blaze Benjamin

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Topi Mameluke

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Silver Jerry

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Sky Mermaid

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West Island Liz

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Teach a man to Fish | Print

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