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SU By Jordy Todd

Jordy Todd is a creative, mother, surfer and photographer hell bent on capturing the eternal femininity, romance and grace of the naked body in water and amid the elements. 

She aspires to remind us that we are as human beings, a part of the natural world. Her imagery captures a feeling on coming home while gently prompting the viewer to consider the infinitely complex lives of the subjects captures, the curiosities and complexities of their stories. 

Jordy uses analogue photography as her sole medium, shooting both 35mm & 120mm film.

Sonder (underwater)
n. the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as viid and complex as your own-populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness-an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you'll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.

This is SU By Jordy Todd.

All prints in this collection have been thoughtfully considered by our creative director Kate, to evoke inspiration and invite the subtleties of femininity into your space. 

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