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55. The Yellow Line Is Beautiful

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55. The Yellow Line Is Beautiful

The Yellow Line Is Beautiful... it's a line that was written on the first work I made for the show but it was lost to the edges/back of the canvas when I stretched it, I thought it looked/sounded cute and it was directly speaking about the yellow line that's in that work, it also makes me think of the sun as a yellow line in the sky... when I googled it came up lots of photos of the yellow road lines which made me think of Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi... 
I guess that yellow line in the work was a kind of mistake or impulsive mark and by responding to it with the words 'the yellow line is beautiful' I allow it to be, and to claim it as beautiful feels like taking charge over the part of the brain or body that decides something is a mistake and by changing that way of thinking mistakes become metonymy's of beauty, and allow my body to free up and keep working, making change and growth possible in the work and in the human making it. I kind of feel like a kid when I'm painting and so it feels super important to learn how to be less critical of myself. The critical part of me didn't like that yellow line initially and then by writing 'The Yellow Line is Beautiful' I changed that part of my brain, supporting the expression of yellow, and in this way I make myself more free as an artist by allowing my kid-self to fully express and emerge!
- words from Oliver 

~ Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

~ 24 x 30"

"Puurfect” is a solo exhibition by Oliver Shaw, a multi-talented artist residing in Melbourne. Shaw, also known as RAT, is a painter, writer, and fashion designer, currently teaching creative writing at a university. Recently completing a PhD in writing and art, he holds an MFA in Playwriting from NIDA.

Following a successful solo show at Brunswick Street Gallery in late 2022, featuring sold-out paintings and ceramics and a year long hiatus from social media, Shaw's upcoming exhibition at Jack Jack Store will showcase his signature blend of painting, ceramics, and unique wearables. His art explores the visual transformation of words into artistic expressions, reflecting a spontaneous and plan-free approach. Inspired by childhood memories and the beauty of life and playful energy, Shaw aims to evoke joy, lightness, and happiness in viewers.

These works, collectively titled "Puurfect" serve as an ode to his cat Wednesday, a source of love that fuels his artistic endeavours. Shaw invites you to join him at Jack Jack Store for a delightful experience with his art.

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