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Delusionl Youth is a small aspiring street wear brand from Newcastle hoping to make a big impact in the underground scene.

Illustrated by Ben Wolstenholme

"So it was a Friday arvo and I just finished up work for the week and my brother down in the Northern Beaches messaged me to come down for weekend and have beers at the Mona Pub. I packed my stuff and started a strike mission down to Sydney for a cold beverage with the boys. We got to the pub and started buying jugs between 3 of us, they were going down real nice so we kept on the jug bandwagon. Anyway, the secion we were in turned out to be where a gig was playing that night, a band called STUMPS.. only problem was we didn't have tickets so we went out to the smokers area that was linked in attempts to sneak in. As we got out there an old bird started chatting us up, turns out her friends were on their way there but got into a car accident and could no longer make it so she had 3 spare tickets and she gave them to us! We watched them play, got loud and rowdy and had a big night. At some point during that night I took a photo that is now the print on this tee. Mental."

Gender Neutral Designs

100% Cotton 
Printed in USA

Wan Jun wears size L

$48.00 $41.00
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